Void on Ansible

Twas the night before christmas and not a creature was stirring save an infrastructure engineer. The rest of my family has gone to sleep, the tree is nicely lit and tomorrow will come early. But we’re burning SLO and the contract will expire for Void’s current build machine on the 31st of December. I’m capturing all the state with Ansible to stand up the new build server on the 26th so that it will be ready to go in the next few days.



Its the start of December. I’m pretty much finished with finals and projects for this semester. Because of the stuff for the next semester this largely represents the end of my undergraduate career. Its been a long time gettings here and I wouldn’t be here without the help of many people. Looking back at this semester has had some incredible things: In September the LUG started up in earnest and I worked to get the office up and running as a functional space.


Void Linux on T100TA

As I imagined getting Void into the T100TA would not be easy. It required custom install media and lots of fuss to get it to boot and then even more to install. Right now this just isn’t ready for prime time, the wifi doesn’t even work! Update January 2017: Wifi works out of the box now Update March 2017: Void supports hybrid boot, its possible to run x64 kernels now


Starting Up One Last Time

Its a late night tonight as I setup the honors network for a smooth start one last time. Its been a long summer to make a clean startup on Void after migrating off of Ubuntu. Here’s what’s happened. So Ubuntu is a fine platform and I still would probably recommend it for new Linux users. It worked well for setting up the platform and was a decent system for a long time.


No More Windows

Well that didn’t last. A midst the reports of Microsoft telemetry that can’t be disabled, continuous system updates that are broken, and a lack of real need anymore for Windows. I’m uninstalling from my T100. Given that this platform wasn’t designed to run Linux it will be an interesting learning experience to get Void running on here. A later post will incorperate the complexity.